This sale ended on and is no longer available.

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Welcome to the Blackout sale.


  • Geekhack account required.
  • You can win up to 4 bros.
  • If you create more than one ticket you will be disqualified. Please confirm your bros before completing the checkout.
  • Permanent ban from all [CTRL]ALT sales if you attempt to game the system.

Thanks everyone, especially Bro Caps.

Good luck!

If you are entering from reddit, please make a geekhack account with the same username you use on reddit, and link your reddit ID in the order notes.

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Blood Pact Reaper

Md ce7740bf70a53dc7d70622dc975dcfc3

Blood Pact V2

Md 74c012ca7f5dd2964c24583647564687

Blood Pact Zombro 2

Md feae0fc59a9cdf9490156e6cd4d66b32

Nosferatu Zombro 2

Md a4e41040f505fd9b2ae943b34c3ebddf

Bloodshot Zombro 2

Md c48d0e6bb8a7870af970424cd309ebf0

Bloodshot V2

Md 1b34d0c7e5d41d0461d13ecede3f2a00

Blackout V2 (Glossy)

Md aa7106b47a668c8b7b5377fc9fbd3b22

Blackout V2 (Matte)

Md 11194d7a30ea2d358b092668680120f6

Blackout Zombro 2

Md 30ba2db1056b4acd34bbc625c3ded3cc

Blackout Reaper

Md bf73c8758030c623b29fb59d2a6c949a

Blackout Stump

Md ef7c52cf0d0ef733355394e300b950b2

Pharaoh V2

Md 816195dccae4c150dd53254fa798196f

Pharaoh Reaper