The Karma Sale

This sale ended on and is no longer available.

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The Karma Sale

Welcome to The Karma Sale raffle presented by Bro Caps.

Anybody can enter, but your chances of being selected double if you did not get into the last two sales. You can win up to two Bro caps in this sale.

Please put your most wanted Bros at the top of the your ticket.


  • Geekhack account required.
  • You can win up to 2 bros or 1 set.
  • If you create more than one ticket you will be disqualified. Please confirm your bros before completing the checkout.
  • Permanent ban from all [CTRL]ALT sales if you attempt to game the system.

Thanks everyone, especially Bro Caps.

Good luck!

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Kushy Purp Esc

Md d71f923581321da34251fcc86c69d679

Kushy Purp F & J

Md 0e399a82c25e64b37ddd9cc553473302

Plush Purple Fn/Esc Set

Md 551cbe922e20d62338a6d69c7710bdea

Grape Ape V2

Md eaaaefc12fa650328ae9b662249ff059

Grape Ape F & J

Md dc1591b700c3d23678413712e5de4fa2

Grape Ape Fn

Md 6bfefd01b5e3114611d20407c4f47a40

Limeade Fn/Esc Set

Md 25ae57f1f06bc065b1752f5d8aacff71

Nuclear Kush Esc

Md 6a5e599da74c88fe77e3648cc582a6fa

Nuclear Kush Fn/Esc

Md e5ef44bb22c7b57d609dd163e32fbb21

Nuclear Kush Stump