The Mashup Sale

This sale ended on and is no longer available.

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The Mashup Sale

Welcome to The Mashup Sale raffle presented by Bro Caps.
You can add as many bros to your ticket and sort them by preference in your Bro Cart.


  • Geekhack account required.
  • You can only win 5 bros.
  • Fn sets count as 2 bros.
  • If you create more than one ticket you will be disqualified. Please confirm your bros before completing the checkout.
  • Permanent ban from all [CTRL]ALT sales if you attempt to game the system.

Thanks everyone, especially Bro Caps.

Good luck!

Md 2bb6eecd19212439ee7d6e418e34bffd

Galactus V2

Md 25b56d9a77b8cff1bc3247e6c5d853cb

High 'C' Ribbit

Md 5b5ea37afd6278df7bce9ec10e9a084f

Slurple V2

Md 7a90a94f57bffcb8750e73c0b2573b57

Galactus Ribbit

Md d47b617455e2e1a5cb23c720c750aeb2

Reactor Core Green V2 (GID)

Md 3448337aa239bdbda3e7671a72126963

Ashen V2

Md 8a59bde221fa6a5ef9789e3391d25c3c

Midnight Run V2

Md 1db77c08bdb7e3239688d36fdb2764ea

Bro Purple Stack V2

Md 826953f9d7d7e3fb8ec03c9f1b38327c

Bro Purple V2

Md ccf6b183ef0094e59f825ad97c5db0fe

Scorched Earth V2

Md 189b95411f3d6ae49dca183666f9601f

Mephitic V2

Md 2ed522c43aae58d28b467c635a651302

Erupted V2

Md 254b2654198804f4dfb305ce04ebf78e

High 'C' V2

Md 1c3bcd5055dddb0292c6eba8bf0691d7

Volcanic V2

Md e0e5fe7980991295d81a86606faa64c5

Tyrian V2

Md 3459d5b23fce41eb32b4eaea90c69bd7

The Blob V2

Md 24ceb7977267e175ffc12f0d782fc032

High 'C' UMAD Bro

Md f7c3c55bfc0b0cff1af1f5e8f604102e

Galactus UMAD Bro

Md f349d3f8b352560de58cb5b46f17106a

Galactus Ribbit FN Set

Md 5ce304f17eea5f7c358911943d3042be

High 'C' Reaper

Md d1f1392473ef9dd751ac3cf0665c32e7

Double 'C' Reaper