This sale ended on and is no longer available.

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Toxic Sale

Welcome to the Toxic raffle presented by Bro Caps.
You can add as many bros to your ticket and sort them by preference in your Bro Cart.


  • Geekhack account required.
  • You can only win 4 bros.
  • Fn sets count as 2 bros.
  • If you create more than one ticket you will be disqualified. Please confirm your bros before completing the checkout.
  • Permanent ban from all [CTRL]ALT sales if you attempt to game the system.

Thanks everyone, especially Bro Caps.

Good luck!

For more information please click here to view our faq thread on geekhack.

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Noxious Reaper

Md 53b21fc7ae617a0c0ef8b21d7a047528

Noxious Reaper (GID)

Md e102f541fbc9623834868842dae18456

Dark Noxious Reaper

Md d6c1890fc9b7c8f8d7b8e071c8e55696

Noxious Rider

Md 3a8bc3909de2e77851f5d9dd400bfc59

Topre Noxious V2 FN Set

Md 0688ecbf994e9f51d64c1b0b71aee872

Topre Dark Noxious V2 FN Set

Md a9ecaea757da293133f298fc9b5aa1a7

Noxious V2

Md f6110f86eab7438e04f76282aac0b8ef

Dark Noxious Triforce Ribbit

Md aa7ab63f92029073e4c2eb10fc2098bd

Reactor Core Green V2 (GID)

Md ddd121f11413fe0e1ff8dcfb3fa6f8c2

Creeper V2

Md 1ae75104d1f1e8c5f5dee1d00689fc2c

Dark Noxious V2

Md ec7c1f9e21c77a2f58f1c48da2d01f11

MX Noxious Skull Ribbit

Md 76a3cbd7e962c19ad50fb80c1ec6aadc