JTK Sophomore

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Md 584c5bedd1bd5370c2302c3d4ace41bb

Pink & White

Md 809f4f6b26dec264871d275268aa39b6

Pink on White Mods

Md cbf1a065776b563127db81c354c1443a

Pink & Black

Md fc0dde61a79ed12a51e097619ad9bd0e

Pink on Black Alphas

Md aef43b1682a930ffdf37ac8b789e0e4a

Orange & Black

Md 0076ce92267833a39d03f8d56c01f07e

Black on Orange Mods

Md aa43958ad681f3365aea26b474d45cf6

Orange & Black Blanks

1u windowed

Md 3989c7d84872ceb10538cf0b51c42e22

Orange & Black Spacebars

6.25u and 7u

Md e41c0db77da9d7a52c1be3d8127c0230

Red & White

Md b7e282e8bf677ad56b63b08e2bc9a5a1

Red on White Mods

Md ad1e4482433e4e1498a8c177dbbd5af5

Red & White Blanks

1u windowed

Md 28bebbd9d8769808b22e729dbfee2c5c

Red & White Spacebars

6.25u and 7u