RainDrop R2

This group buy ended on and is no longer available.

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Thanks to aggiejy@geekhack for making R1 happen successfully and giving us permission to do R2.

It will be produced using the "Cherry Replica Legends" instead of standard Signature Plastic legends.

The deluxe kit will include a special box for shipping and storing the set, it's been made exclusively for this group buy and has a matching interior inside.

More info coming soon.

Estimated ship date is

Domestic and international orders will be shipped by [CTRL]ALT.

There are no updates yet.
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Deluxe Raindrop Set

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Raindrop Blue Alphas

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Raindrop White Alphas

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Raindrop Blue Mods

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Raindrop White Mods

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Raindrop Blue Tsangan

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Raindrop White Tsangan

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Raindrop Blue ISO

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Raindrop White ISO

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Raindrop Blue Num

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Raindrop White Num