SA Retro

This group buy ended on and is no longer available.

Lg 88928645377ec7e5bedf67fc73f63f26

The successor of DSA Retro finally in SA awesomeness.

Estimated ship date is

Domestic and international orders will be shipped by [CTRL]ALT.

— bunnylake

For anyone with any missing keys for this GB, please fill out a support request, you can details on how to do that here:

— codyeatworld

All orders have shipped and we are processing replacements and returns now.

Md 6e01fed20c944eb2b49a3fe85b15e7f5

Sm square 39057bdf5be96324e656853e3dc43642

Retro Burgundy

Md 858e59ab64d3b0ed881a51a2698ba685

True Retro

Md 96b2d9b84c42d0c2d877acebc17a17a5


Md a23b778f0e231e5490c21b9e7ad83978

Alternate Functions

Md 65f3fba9be5820c239e2cbffc45ffeda

Burgundy Number Pad

Md e1cd2390c85271f4b6c3f54757ca5e1c

Number Pad

Md 16f5873a10cb1e7506f7bf4c2caa6281

Burgundy Pro Mods

Md a88db68dfd1ea08e023d6bb2cb62e737

Pro Mods

Md 39e5ff2e22f802c9d4f84768b68e8b02

Lime Extension

Md 30d8d3717e130fc677e619c4cf817273

Apple Extension

Md e1ab9b8769a832d0ee8a4c1b4190f112

ISO Extension

Md 18bfba4c8304c4ad6ba071fd52e5d9ab

International FR-IT

Md f63e8562a000a2937f4f1b981270318a

Colemak and Dvorak

Md 8e2150de44ecbca409e0bc0743ba5574

International DE-NO-SE

Md 444327fc98ec6dabbc445defe6ac6794


Md 16cc0060d159451b32e95c4f8aca541b

Large Spacebars

Md 14de6fd4863251adc7e4524370e1e6a3

Small Spacebars

Md 42d384d6b74085b172fc2da98b5d6bb7