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Assessing The Damage

The dreadful silence of a once bustling metropolis takes hold of Los Angeles. Only the sound of fire crackling and the hum of the drones scouring the city remain. Those that resisted capture, were swiftly dispatched by the drones. The survivors were huddled into large shuttles by the thousands, then flown to larger spacecraft. What fate awaits them is still unknown. The last known reports revealed the true scope of the siege; the majority of the north and south American continents have been enveloped by the invading forces. Hope for our survival is quickly diminishing.

While the state of Reaper Squadron is still unknown, the rest of B.R.O. forces have been decimated. The drones have salvaged some of the Defender class units, even managing to take control of a few for their own purposes. Our own defenses turned against us. Mangled husks are all that remain of the rest.

The invading forces have adapted to our power grids, and drones have begun accumulating energy to supply their ships. The corrupted Defender units clear away rubble, searching for survivors and retrieve them for transportation back to the invaders ships. The sight of the defenders that once protected us from harm, now serving the enemy, is unbearable to witness.

In the wake of the devastation, there lies a small glimmer of hope in the form of a faded beacon. A crackling voice emits from one of the downed Defender units comm systems…

We have suffered heavy casualties… if you can hear this… please respond…
We have captured an enemy drone… we need an extract to our location for transport… please respond…

The communication from one of the Reaper Squad members comes through, but there is no response....

BroBot: Defender Class

War-torn Defender

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War-torn Gamer Sets

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Power Core Gamer Sets

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Corrupted Defender

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Limited Edition Drone

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Invaders: Drone


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Blind Box: Special

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